Ground Vehicle Survivability and Force Protection (GVS&FP) Educational Program

Ground Vehicle Survivability and Mounted Force Protection (GVC&MFP) Educational Program image

(Source: /Photo Credit: U.S. Army.)


DSIAC supported the Director, Operational Test and Evaluation (DOT&E) and Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) efforts to develop a GVS&FP educational program. DSIAC provided subject matter expertise and direct input for initial course and text development. Built upon previous support, DSIAC then provided recommendations to further enhance the course and text through researching current tactics, techniques, and procedures.

Additionally, DSIAC helped to build a directory of GVS&FP specialists throughout the military ground vehicle community, developed the fundamentals of the GVS&FP program as well as educational products (i.e., courses, published materials, video programs), and established a GVS&FP video library located on the NPS Center for Survivability and Lethality (CSL) website, with relevant streaming videos to support the GVS&FP educational program.

Date Conducted: 
September 2017