Research and Analysis

Our research and analysis services provide customers with access to information, knowledge, and best practices from government, industry, and academia.


Service Overview

Typical TI efforts may include answering technical questions, literature searches, document requests, or referrals to SMEs. Completed responses are compiled and delivered to the inquirer in less than 10 business days. Registered users can submit TIs online through the provided form or by phone.

Free Technical Inquiry Research Service

DSIAC’s free technical inquiry research service offers 4 hours of free research per inquiry on any topic within our chartered scope areas.

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Extended Technical Inquiry Services

ETIs are externally-funded research efforts that go slightly beyond 4 research hours. ETIs require between 5 and 160 technical hours of research with a $50K maximum ceiling and period of performance up to 2 months.

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Service Overview

Accomplish your R&D goals in a cost-effective, efficient, and compliant manner through the use of our agile and scalable contracting services. These services are a role model for fast, flexible, and low-cost contracting that support R&D efforts of varying size and scope across the DoD IAC’s 22 technical focus areas.

BCO Task Orders

BCO Task Orders are designed to support research and development studies and analyses or prototyping requirements. They are intended to be work efforts completed in 12 months or less for less than $1M.

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IAC MAC Task Order

IAC MAC Task Orders support high-dollar research and development projects that provide studies, complex analysis, engineering, and technical services. They are intended to be work efforts with up to a 5-year period of performance and no ceiling minimum or maximum.

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