Notable Technical Inquiries are summaries of the most recent and impactful work done by DSIAC in response to technical inquiries that were submitted by defense community members. These summaries are intended to give the defense community a sampling of the wide range of questions presented and responses produced by DSIAC under the free 4-hours of information research support.

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Flexible Thermal Protection System Materials

What type of flexible hypersonic thermal protective materials have been researched and are available that are capable of surviving high temperature, high Mach environments to enable variable geometry hypersonic aircraft? DSIAC received a technical inquiry requesting information on research into and availability of flexible thermal protection system materials. Materials engineering subject matter experts...

Sherp Amphibious All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs)

What information is available on the various Sherp ATVs? Special Operations Forces (SOF) military personnel requested information on the Sherp ATVs. DSIAC accessed Ukrainian, U.S., and Canadian source materials. A report on...