Aircraft Engine Cowl Anti-Ice Valve Malfunction Due to Dust and Sand / Photo Credit: Airman First Class Joseph Pick, U.S. Air Force / Photo Credit: Airman First Class Joseph Pick, U.S. Air Force

Are there any more capable engine anti-ice valves being produced by industry?

DSIAC was asked by a military operational unit to determine if any commercial anti-ice valve (AIV) alternatives were available for the CV-22 aircraft which might perform better than the currently installed anti-ice valve given the CV-22’s demanding operational environment. Our staff worked with personnel from the Reliance 21 Aircraft Systems Community of Interest; Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR); and the Office of Naval Research to better understand the issue with the AIV and determined that a better commercial solution was not available. However, we were able to determine that there is an ongoing program within NAVAIR working toward proof-of-concept testing to evaluate new anti-ice valve designs that could potentially solve the stated issues. The requester was placed in contact with the NAVAIR program technical lead to monitor program progress.

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Friday, February 1, 2019
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