Applications of Object Detection Under Active and Passive Remote Sensing Systems / Image Credit: NRL

Microwave imager/sounder depicted on the spacecraft bus (Image Credit: NRL).

What information is available for detecting or inferring the presence of an object by the absence of an illumination signal (i.e., negative radar)?

DSIAC was asked for information germane to a system that uses a detection scheme in the absence of an illumination signal. A DSIAC subject matter expert from MTEQ Inc. provided a knowledge base pertaining to the remote sensing of objects in the presence or absence of an illuminating energy/signal.  Specifically, literature search results were presented for various applications involving target detection methods that include sensors using synthetic electromagnetic radiation with receivers not collocated with transmitters; passive sensor systems that sense the black-body radiation of the Earth; and sensors that employ cosmic radiation as the transmitter energy source. Most of the applications are pertinent to the terrestrial and atmospheric sciences research fields; however, applications relevant to the autonomous vehicles’ industry in the civilian and defense sectors are exponentially growing. A comprehensive report was delivered to the inquirer.

Inquiry Completion Date: 
Thursday, June 13, 2019