Nondestructive, Reusable Bullet Trap Systems (U.S. Air Force photo by Sean M. Worrell) (U.S. Air Force photo by Sean M. Worrell)

Are there reusable bullet catchers that do not damage the projectile?

The inquirer currently uses stacks of ceiling tiles to collect projectiles that have penetrated test articles and asked DSIAC for an alternative that would allow the same fast recovery and turnaround.  A DSIAC vulnerability subject matter expert with experience developing warhead fragment catch media systems recommended a fiberboard used by U.S. Department of Defense and commercial warhead test ranges.  DSIAC also performed open source and DTIC Research and Engineering Gateway research on various bullet trap construction techniques and materials used to support gun bullet forensics and nondestructive recovery of experimental bullets.  From the information and technical reports found, recommendations on self-built and commercially-available systems, development, and testing of reusable, soft catch bullet trap for small- to medium-caliber ammunition and materials used in catch systems were then presented. Finally, DSIAC contacted NTS-Chesapeake Testing, which specializes in fully accredited ballistic-resistant material impact testing and ammunition and firearms testing, for their recommendations on bullet retrieval (they are National Institute of Justice certified to perform personal body armor testing and Army Aberdeen Test Center certified to perform helmet and hard and soft armor testing).  The compiled information and recommendations were delivered to the inquirer.

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Thursday, October 3, 2019
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