Notable Technical Inquiries are summaries of the most recent and impactful work done by DSIAC in response to technical inquiries that were submitted by defense community members. These summaries are intended to give the defense community a sampling of the wide range of questions presented and responses produced by DSIAC under the free 4-hours of information research support.

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Technologies Capable of Optimizing and Fusing Intelligence Data to Support Decision Making

What recent advances in automatic target recognition and tracking are enabled via deep neural networks?  How can these techniques be applied to measurement and signature intelligence (MASINT) radar and other sensor data? DSIAC was asked for information on technologies capable of optimizing and fusing intelligence data to support decision making. DSIAC staff provided information on artificial intelligence and machine...

Low, Observable Material Science

Who are the top global researchers and organizations in low, observable (LO) material science? DSIAC was asked to search available databases to identify the top global researchers and organizations in LO material science.  DSIAC searched multiple literature databases, including...