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Posted: April 02, 2018 | Completed: April 1, 2016 | DTIC Accession No.: DSIAC-2188532
Is there data available on radio frequency (RF) attenuation as a function of frequency for gases, liquids, and solids that are not part of Earth's atmosphere?

Most information on propagation loss in radio frequency is for compounds typically found in the atmosphere. DSIAC was asked for any leads on the attenuation of RF energy propagating through gases and liquids that are not components of Earth’s atmosphere. DSIAC subject matter experts (SMEs) researched and consolidated a list of literature sources dealing with this subject. It was found that the best sources for data about gases not present in Earth’s atmosphere are publications that studied gases making up the atmosphere of other planets within our solar system. Therefore, DSIAC delivered a list of relevant sources and the contact information of a SME specializing in characterizing materials over a wide range of frequencies in a laboratory environment. The resulting report can be found in the DTIC Research and Engineering Gateway.

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