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NOTABLE TI | August 29, 2019

Prototyping and Early Research and Development

DSIAC was asked for publications related to research and development prototyping at lower technology readiness levels not associated with rapid prototyping, rapid fielding, innovation, or experimentation. DSIAC subject matter...

NOTABLE TI | June 13, 2019

Atomic Clocks for Use in Aircraft Platforms

DSIAC was asked to identify and locate a candidate commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) or government off-the-shelf (GOTS) atomic clock system to be utilized by Special Operation Forces...

NOTABLE TI | May 22, 2019

Technical Information on a Foreign Mortar System

DSIAC was asked to compile technical information on the Bosnian M69 82-mm mortar produced by Bosnia-Novitravca—specifically, unclassified studies on materials specifications, operating pressures, ballistic pressures, and ammo types...

NOTABLE TI | November 12, 2018

Aerospace Composites

DSIAC was to research a variety of topics centered around aerospace composites.  Topics of interest included non-destructive evaluation (NDE), non-destructive inspection (NDI), and manufacturing techniques...


NOTABLE TI | May 15, 2018

Portable Refrigerators for Medical Purposes

DSIAC was asked to identify containers, manufacturing processes, and/or companies that fit a given criteria flexible and transportable cold storage capability to safely store, transport,...