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ARTICLES | April 15, 2018

New Nanowires Are Just a Few Atoms Thick

“Two-dimensional materials” — materials deposited in layers that are only a few atoms thick — are promising for both high-performance electronics and flexible, transparent electronics...

ARTICLES | February 12, 2018

How to Get Sprayed Metal Coatings to Stick

When spraying metal coatings, melting hurts rather than helps, MIT research reveals. When bonding two pieces of metal, either the metals must melt a bit...

ARTICLES | October 24, 2016

3-D-Printed Robots with Shock-Absorbing Skins

By “programming” customized soft materials, CSAIL team can 3-D print safer, nimbler, more durable robots. Anyone who’s watched drone videos or an episode of “BattleBots”...