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NOTABLE TI | June 03, 2019

Failure Rates From Real World Motor Data

DSIAC received a request for assistance finding failure rates from real-life data for three-phase motors. This included any data on failure rates coinciding with each motor failure...

NOTABLE TI | January 02, 2019

Pulsed Power System Cooling

DSIAC received a request for information on methods to better cool a high-energy, pulsed power system.  DSIAC solicited assistance from subject matter experts (SMEs) at the Texas Research Institute Austin...


NOTABLE TI | November 21, 2018

High Strain Rate Material Properties

The Defense Systems Information Analysis Center (DSIAC) received a request for information on material properties of different common construction/building materials as functions of strain rates....


NOTABLE TI | November 12, 2018

Aerospace Composites

DSIAC was to research a variety of topics centered around aerospace composites.  Topics of interest included non-destructive evaluation (NDE), non-destructive inspection (NDI), and manufacturing techniques...