aircraft survivability

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This publication is free to U.S. Gov. only . All others can purchase this publication from AIAA . Aircraft combat survivability is now an established design discipline...
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How do we address a technology vulnerability gap for a given military aircraft? In response to a technical inquiry, DSIAC experts assisted in addressing a long-standing...
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News Notes JCAT Corner Computer-Aided Design Geometries and Ballistic Vulnerability Analyses Development of Multiple Impact Transparent Armor Systems Integrated Battleforce Survivability: Building A Better Mousetrap Excellence in Survivability - Chad Ryther Operational Evaluation of Air Combat...
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News Notes JCAT Corner Transport Rotorcraft Airframe Crash Testbed (TRACT) Two Survivable. Safe. Low Risk 2014 Threat Weapon and Efects Training Aircraft Survivability Rating Evaluating Long-Term Impact of Nonfatal Injuries Expanding Aircraft Combat Survivability to Include Force Protection
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News Notes JCAT Corner Large Engine Vulnerability to MANPADS F135 Propulsion System Live Fire Test (LFT) Excellence in Survivability - Dr. Mark Robeson Lessons Learned from Live Fire Test and Evaluation (LFT&E) PT6A Engine Vulnerability Lightweight Integrally Armored Helicopter Floor An Optimal...
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News Notes JCAT Corner Fighter Aircraft Survivability - A Perspective Integrated Aircraft and Crew Protection Excellence in Survivability - Donna Egner Excellence in Survivability - Dave Legg NDIA Live Fire Test and Evaluation (LFT&E) Workshop Computer Simulation of a Running Aircraft Engine...
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News Notes JCAT Corner KC-46 Live Fire Test and Evaluation Program KC-46 Live Fire Test & Evaluation Analyses KC-46 Ballistic Testing in Support of Vulnerability Assessments KC-46 Crew and Passenger Survivability (CAPS) Assessment Approach Excellence in Survivability - Scott Wacker CH-53K...
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News Notes JCAT Corner The Defense Systems Information Analysis Center: Transforming Information into Knowledge Aircraft Survivability, LFT&E, and the Future KC-130J Harvest Hawk Alternate LFT&E Program GOBIGGS: The New Player in Explosive Ullage Treatment NAWCWD Completes Most Complex...
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News Notes JCAT Corner Next Generation Fire Modeling Not Your Grandfather's Covart Aircraft Survivability - The Early Years (Pre-World War I to World War I) Optimizing M&S Approaches for Penetrating Platform Survivability Testing Excellence in Survivability: Leanne McKay NDIA 2016 Combat...
ACSSC 2019
05/29/2019 to 05/31/2019
This 3-day short course in aircraft combat survivability is designed to provide an overview of the aircraft combat survivability discipline. The course is intended for Department...