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Aircraft Survivability - Fall 2014 image
Sep 2014
News Notes JCAT Corner Transport Rotorcraft Airframe Crash Testbed (TRACT) Two Survivable. Safe. Low Risk 2014 Threat Weapon and Efects Training Aircraft Survivability Rating Evaluating Long-Term Impact of Nonfatal Injuries Expanding Aircraft Combat Survivability to Include Force Protection
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Aircraft Survivability - Spring 2014 image
Mar 2014
News Notes JCAT Corner Large Engine Vulnerability to MANPADS F135 Propulsion System Live Fire Test (LFT) Excellence in Survivability - Dr. Mark Robeson Lessons Learned from Live Fire Test and Evaluation (LFT&E) PT6A Engine Vulnerability Lightweight Integrally Armored Helicopter Floor An Optimal...
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Aircraft Survivability - Summer 2014 image
Jul 2014
News Notes JCAT Corner Fighter Aircraft Survivability - A Perspective Integrated Aircraft and Crew Protection Excellence in Survivability - Donna Egner Excellence in Survivability - Dave Legg NDIA Live Fire Test and Evaluation (LFT&E) Workshop Computer Simulation of a Running Aircraft Engine...
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Aircraft Survivability - Spring 2015 image
Apr 2015
News Notes JCAT Corner KC-46 Live Fire Test and Evaluation Program KC-46 Live Fire Test & Evaluation Analyses KC-46 Ballistic Testing in Support of Vulnerability Assessments KC-46 Crew and Passenger Survivability (CAPS) Assessment Approach Excellence in Survivability - Scott Wacker CH-53K...
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Aircraft Survivability - Spring image
Mar 2016
News Notes JCAT Corner The Defense Systems Information Analysis Center: Transforming Information into Knowledge Aircraft Survivability, LFT&E, and the Future KC-130J Harvest Hawk Alternate LFT&E Program GOBIGGS: The New Player in Explosive Ullage Treatment NAWCWD Completes Most Complex...
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Aircraft Survivability - Spring image
Apr 2017
News Notes JCAT Corner Next Generation Fire Modeling Not Your Grandfather's Covart Aircraft Survivability - The Early Years (Pre-World War I to World War I) Optimizing M&S Approaches for Penetrating Platform Survivability Testing Excellence in Survivability: Leanne McKay NDIA 2016 Combat...
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Nov 13 2017 - 8:00am | Source: Army Aviation Association of America (Quad A)
"Survivability Capabilities for Today and Tomorrow" Since 1983, the Annual AAAA Aircraft Survivability Equipment event has brought the community together to develop solutions for...
Aircraft Survivability - Fall image
Oct 2017
Basics of the HH-60W LFT&E Program Excellence in Survivability – Torger Anderson Aircraft Survivability: New Challenges for a New Global Conflict (World War II) Excellence in Survivability – Richard Huffman Blast-Tolerant Composite Structure for Rotorcraft Threat Characterization: Small...
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Nov 7 2017 - 12:00am | Source: National Defense Industrial Association
Theme The theme of the Aircraft Survivability Symposium 2017 is “Combat Operations & Emerging Technologies.” The goal of this three-day, classified Symposium is to foster...
Aircraft Survivability - Summer image
Jun 2017
DoD Policies, Priorities, and Participants in CBRN Survivability CBRN Contamination Survivability: An Air Force Perspective Strategic and System-Level Benefits of Nuclear Survivability Meeting CBRN Survivability Requirements in MDAPs: Three Case Studies Improving Survivability of Aircraft From...
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