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What research and information is available regarding the cognitive abilities and technological trends of autonomous systems? DSIAC was asked to investigate research...
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17 July 2018
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3 July 2018
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19 June 2018
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5 June 2018
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22 May 2018
Who are the government research and development agencies and industry organizations involved in hypersonic vehicle and weapons research and development, and what are the...
What are novel and/or emerging technologies for low-cost, mobile, and rapid small-payload launch access to space? In two separate technical inquiries DSIAC was asked to...
How can oscillating heat pipes be used to cool circuit boards/chips? An inquirer requested access to a DSIAC referenced article, "Circuit Card Assembly Heat Sinks...
What electromagnetic railgun systems are available? DSIAC staff were requested to research and compile a list of electromagnetic railgun (EMRG) systems currently and/or...