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What publications exist on studies related to mortar systems that could be used for professional development? DSIAC was asked for publications for professional...
What are unmanned aircraft system (UAS) tracking, counter-UAS (CUAS), and UAS evasion systems or methods? DSIAC was asked to identify UAS tracking methods and/or systems...
Publication Date: 
26 February 2019
Publication Date: 
29 January 2019
Publication Date: 
9 October 2018
Publication Date: 
11 September 2018
Publication Date: 
28 August 2018
What unattended ground sensors are currently available? DSIAC subject matter experts (SMEs) surveyed open and other sources to compile a listing of unattended ground...
Is a target geometry model of a given system available to support a survivability analysis? DSIAC was asked to locate a specific small twin-turboprop aircraft target...
Are generic targets available for testing the MUVES model? DSIAC subject matter experts (SMEs) developed generic target models to be used in creating an enhanced testing...